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Domestic UIF & COID

Are your household employees fully registered with UIF and COID? Did you know that failure to do so is an offence, and may lead to fines, imprisonment or both?
We provide a One-Stop Solution for UIF and COID Compliance for Domestic Workers, Gardeners, Childminders/Nannies, Caregivers of the Frail or Elderly, and Drivers.
Ensure peace of mind and compliance with SEESA by your side.
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Detailed Description:

For a fixed monthly retainer fee of R180, you receive full access to and assistance with:

  • Registration of employer and employees with UIF.
  • Registration of employer with the Compensation Fund.
  • Supply of all documents and forms with regards to the UIF and Compensation Fund.
  • Assistance with the reporting of injuries sustained on duty to the Compensation Fund.
  • Follow up and feedback on progress made with claims.
  • Rectifying incorrect annual assessments.
  • Advice regarding sick leave due to injury sustained on duty and any other enquiries regarding COIDA.
  • Request for Letter of Good Standing.
  • Calculation of arrear and current contributions to the UIF.
  • Advice on any matter regarding the UIF.
  • Notifying clients of monthly payments.

That's not all you get!

SEESA's Added Value.

  • Provision of Pro forma payslip.
  • Provision of Pro forma employment agreement.

* Please note that our service is designed for households with 1-3 employees only.

Sign up process:

  1. Click Subscribe below and accept transer to partner site;
  2. Register: Create a client profile;
  3. Accept T's and C's;
  4. Pay via online payment portal.

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UIF Helpline: 012 810 2062