We’re ending Twitter – here’s why

We’re ending Twitter – here’s why

The SEESA Public Relations Officer conducted a comprehensive analysis of all our communication platforms early in 2018. The goal was simple – to determine what works for our audiences, and what doesn’t.

A comparison of analytics from the past 2 years (2016-2017) showed that the SEESA Twitter account is consistently underperforming. The account was measured against other communication platforms for several hard metrics such as audience growth, audience engagement, reach and website referrals. The evaluation also accounted for softer data – time spent creating content for this platform, posting times and the account’s general success in the long run (versus event-specific success). When measured against our social media strategy’s Key Performance Indicators, Twitter consistently lagged behind.

While many strategies can certainly revive SEESA’s Twitter account to bring it on par with our other social platforms, we’d rather cut the time we spend on crafting and posting content to this platform and dedicate that time to our stronger platforms and establishing new and exciting platforms in 2018.

The SEESA Twitter account will be active until June 2018, after which the account will be deactivated. All content published via this platform is still available on our blog at www.seesa.co.za and we’ll continue posting regular industry news and updated as well as in-depth expert content on our Facebook page, @SEESAservices and LinkedIn at SEESA (Pty) Ltd.

For any inquiries, contact the SEESA Communications Team directly anytime at tersia@seesa.co.za or 012 810 0989.


Tersia Landsberg
SEESA Public Relations Officer



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