Ursula Botha on education

Ursula Botha on education

Ursula Botha
BA Industrial Psychology, B.Proc, LLB, LLM, MBA
SEESA Marketing Director

SEESA Marketing Director Ursula Botha on women in the workplace, education, leadership, careers, and inspiration.



Ursula firmly believes in investing in yourself through education – something no one can ever take away from you.

As a company director, SEESA is deeply involved with several education initiatives, creating strategic partnerships with tertiary institutions to contribute to bursary schemes for passionate students, contributing to post-graduate studies with programmes such as the SEESA Bursary project with Hot91.9 radio station, and establishing an incredible bursary scheme for SEESA employees, SEESA Launchpad. Her journey through her career was shaped and determined by her will to succeed and grabbing the opportunities she could and education played a big part in this.

Her own life speaks to this belief in education – Ursula obtained her first BA degree in Industrial Psychology. She found herself working for the SAPS as Personnel Practitioner, working in the Labour Relations Division. Not enjoying the work she did, she decided to enrol for a B.Proc degree to start looking for work outside the public sector.

Once she started working part0time for SEESA, she found that she had a knack for labour law and so she set out to obtain her next qualification – this time, she wanted an LLB degree. In 2006, she was registered as a final year LLB student at UNISA and a first-year LLM student at the University of Pretoria. Working full time and studying throughout her career, she obtained her LLM degree. During this time, she had worked herself up to National Manager of SEESA Labour while raising two children as a single mother. The aggregate of her LLM degree was high enough to be offered a scholarship for a Doctorate degree at either Oxford or Cambridge University, which she didn’t take – and hasn’t regretted this decision once.

“I cannot describe the feeling of accomplishment. If you learn and educate yourself, you have something no one can ever take from you. Studying became my hobby and like sports offer medals, studying offers degrees.”

As National Manager of SEESA Labour, Ursula realized that she had reached a ceiling in the organization under its ownership at that time. She decided that she needed to look around for opportunities with more potential for growth and in that thinking, she enrolled for an MBA degree. Two years later, Corvest bought SEESA and they immediately saw the value of her MBA and offered her position as a company director.

Since then she has worn many hats – she is currently the SEESA Marketing Director, jumping from the field of law where she was as Operational Director and into new, unknown territories. Ursula passes through ranks unafraid and unhindered, considering her environment to make the best decision.

“I really enjoyed studying and sometimes my career path dictated my study plans but. Looking back, it was all worth the effort and hard work.”

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Ursula Botha currently holds the position of SEESA Marketing Director. In her company she is known for her keen mind, her fierce leadership, and her ability to embrace change. She holds a BA degree in Industrial Psychology, B.Proc, LLB and LLM degrees and an MBA. She is a world-class triathlete in her free time and has achieved remarkable accomplishments over the course of her career and in her personal life. She obtained four of her degrees while working full time and studying part-time and raising two children and completed the World Marathon Majors, making her one of fewer than 1000 people in the world to obtain this medal.


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