Ursula Botha on careers

Ursula Botha on careers

Ursula Botha
BA Industrial Psychology, B.Proc, LLB, LLM, MBA
SEESA Marketing Director


SEESA Marketing Director Ursula Botha on women in the workplace, education, leadership, careers, and inspiration.


Rising through the corporate ranks, Ursula’s career path shows loyalty and tenacity. In SEESA she has been an example of taking on new challenges, embracing and driving change and doing what it takes for a career you love.

Ursula’s career at SEESA started as a young part-time worker when the company was founded. She soon joined SEESA full time and working her way through the hierarchy she started as SEESA Labour Legal Advisor, was promoted to SEESA Labour Manager of the Gauteng office, advanced to SEESA Labour National Manager and is now the only female director of SEESA where she makes real change happen every day. Starting as Operational Director over service delivery departments, she took on a new role as Marketing Director in 2018.

None of this was in line with her original plan – she wanted to become a Chartered Accountant when she was young. She ended up studying Industrial Psychology and her first job was as Human Resources admin for SASOL over holidays. To this day she carries wisdom with her from her manager at SASOL – never burn bridges.

Ursula is known at SEESA for many things, among others the joy she finds in new challenges.

“When thinking of my biggest career achievements to date, many things come to mind but the one I’d emphasise is the period in 2017 when I was Acting Managing Director of SEESA. I really enjoyed the challenge. Although it’s a stressful job, I think it suits me well.”

Despite the challenge she may face as a woman in a top leadership position, Ursula loves her job – there’s no doubt about that. She has equipped herself so she never has to back down for a challenge.

“The MBA definitely gives me an advantage and I do get a lot of confidence knowing that I have the academic depth to do what is expected.”

Rising to a place of leadership in her career has placed a responsibility on her that she stresses: she makes decisions that impact people’s entire lives. She uses this knowledge to drive her in her decision-making and her passion for her position shines through her actions and in working with her people.

“I love the fact that SEESA provides a livelihood for almost 1000 people and their families.  To successfully look after a company that can do that is very rewarding.  This is also where the stress comes from.  Decisions we make are not taken lightly.  We have to take care of the company so that the company can take care of the people.”

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Ursula Botha currently holds the position of SEESA Marketing Director. In her company she is known for her keen mind, her fierce leadership, and her ability to embrace change. She holds a BA degree in Industrial Psychology, B.Proc, LLB and LLM degrees and an MBA. She is a world-class triathlete in her free time and has achieved remarkable accomplishments over the course of her career and in her personal life. She obtained four of her degrees while working full time and studying part-time and raising two children and completed the World Marathon Majors, making her one of fewer than 1000 people in the world to obtain this medal.


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