The ProFile Portal – your ticket to support

The ProFile Portal – your ticket to support

Call centres, waiting on hold for hours or following 20 recorded voice-prompted commands and flute music are not in your future when you need help with ProFile!

ProFile’s approach to business and technical support was designed with each ProFile user in mind to ensure that ProFile always helps your business run smoother, faster and more efficient.

The ProFile Portal is your one-stop information and support platform. The ProFile Portal is available to all ProFile users to enable them to gain support and information when using ProFile.

Key Features on the ProFile Portal:

  1. An overview of ProFile features and functionalities
  2. Book ProFile training sessions
  3. Frequently Asked Questions with guidance in topics such as Getting Started, Using ProFile, Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedures; Incapacity and BEE EMEs.
  4. Logging support calls or reporting technical issues.

The ProFile Portal is always accessible and always online, ensuring that you can gain the assistance you need whenever you need it.

Access the ProFile Portal here. 

Whether you have 5 or 5000 employees, ProFile can be used everyday, in every business. Assisting you in all Human Resources and Industrial Relations activities, ProFile is available for any South African business owner. If you do not have ProFile yet, contact us now.


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