The first South African online employee management system for business owners

The first South African online employee management system for business owners

Launching this month is SEESA ProFile, a comprehensive software system designed to guide business owners in navigating labour legislation of South Africa. From February 2017 the software system is available to South African business owners across the country.

ProFile allows business owners to manage their labour force in a way not seen before. The system integrates with any business, allowing business owners to take matters such as issuing warnings and notices for labour-related offences, grievances and hearings in their own hands. All documents are prepopulated with employees’ details and stored electronically for record keeping, lessening the administrative burden on personnel.

ProFile has a built-in feature for on-screen guidance to assist users in following the correct procedures for all labour issues. This system removes any uncertainty from legal procedures.

The purpose of ProFile is to move away from manual administration and filing, ensuring that everyday Human Resources and Industrial Relations functions are completed correctly and electronically. ProFile captures and stores employee details and disciplinary records with prepopulated document templates for all misconduct procedures.

ProFile was built intelligently and intuitively – if you are issuing a notice of hearing for a specific employee without having issued a relevant warning first, the software will advise the user of the correct action to be taken instead, guiding you to complete compliance.

“In our experience, employers lose CCMA cases largely due to incorrect and inconsistent procedures, where documents are issued incorrectly or going missing – ProFile addresses these issues.” – SEESA

SEESA provides professional legal support for businesses in South Africa and since its beginning in 1998, their largest service to South African business owners were assistance in implementing labour legislation. Over the years, SEESA identified a pattern of recurring problems most small business owners deal with daily in terms of their labour force. The idea of ProFile was developed to provide business owners with a software system through which they can resolve everyday issues with minimal effort.

For more information, visit www.seesa.co.za or contact:

Tersia Landsberg (SEESA Public Relations Officer)

012 810 0989


Click here to view ProFile Screenshots

Click here to view ProFile Demo Video



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