The benefits of eLearning in the workplace

The benefits of eLearning in the workplace

The workplace skills gap is the gap between what employers want and what job seekers have to offer. It has a negative impact on the company’s operational performance and its overall growth, but employers do not always have enough resources to provide sufficient opportunities for learning to equip them with the skills and the knowledge they need.

This is where eLearning helps.

As technology continues to develop at a high speed, eLearning constantly offers businesses new opportunities to keep their workforce up to date on the latest trends. eLearning is proving to be a very effective solution to ensuring empowering training and bridging the workplace skills gap.

  1. Affordability

When there are financial constraints, employee training programs are often one of the first areas to be cut because employers would rather focus their time and energy on revenue generation. Businesses can, however, use affordable eLearning platforms to develop skills and improve their internal workforce, thereby actually increasing their productivity and profits.

eLearning saves time and money, as there are no expenses on trainers, printed course material, travel and possible accommodation.

  1. Flexibility

With appropriate resources, Learning can happen at a time and a place that suits the learner. This is a major benefit for remote workers or staff with irregular hours. They now have the same learning opportunities as other staff.

As it is not necessary to have the entire team attend a training session simultaneously, the workplace doesn’t have to come to a standstill and impact on productivity.

  1. Interactivity

Traditional training models often require employees to attend workshops in large classes. Participation and personal attention is often lost during these sessions, leading to negative experiences and subsequently, poor attitudes.

Most eLearning, however, have interactive components such as gamification, and the one-on-one interface keeps learners engaged. The immediate feedback ability of most eLearning solutions also increases the progress of the learners and motivates them.

  1. Motivation for millennials

Today’s employees work not only for money, but also to learn continuously. Businesses that enable access to valuable eLearning subjects to its staff, enjoy better loyalty from such employees as they have a greater sense of accomplishment at their workplace.

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