#TeamSEESA gives back with Hot91.9FM

#TeamSEESA gives back with Hot91.9FM

Together with @Hot91.9FM radio, #TeamSEESA are giving back and changing lives!

This morning we met in studio with Jerry Selwane of Soweto Animal Rescue and Advisory Center (SARAC). SARAC works mainly in Soweto (but has undertaken countrywide operations) to not only rescue neglected or abused animals and prevent and prosecute dogfighting rings and syndicates but also to educate the community on responsible pet ownership and -care and rehabilitate and re-home animals.

This is an enormous undertaking. In accomplishing their goals, their Rangers play a crucial role. These Rangers are children from the community (aged 6-21) who help Jerry and the SARAC team by reporting animal neglect or abuse to Jerry in order for SARAC to step in. The Rangers also educate and inform the community where they go to prevent animal cruelty and to change the community’s perception and create understanding. Jerry now has over 90 Rangers reporting to him.

Many of these children working tirelessly through the year for their love of animals and helping those in need, don’t have the perfect circumstances at home. Despite their challenges, they continue to give back and fulfil their role in the community. To thank the Rangers for their continued efforts, dedication and hard work, SEESA and the #HotCares team have joined to give the Rangers a Christmas party they’ll remember, giving each Ranger a special gift and to provide them with basics they need – be it school uniforms, new shoes or airtime. The #HotCares team also pledged to donate R5000 worth of dog food to help them support the animals they rescue – a true team effort to make a difference!

For more information and to sponsor a Ranger, visit their Facebook page @saracsoweto


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