A comprehensive training solution for a monthly retainer fee, helping you claim back a percentage of Skills Development Levies already paid to SARS.

Running a business, you do not have the time to source training providers and arrange training for your employees. We offer a comprehensive solution for a monthly retainer fee and help you claim back a percentage of Skills Development Levies already paid to SARS.

What does the law say about this?

Employee Training

Unlimited access* to 19 training courses for your employees, all designed to fit your operational requirements and ensure your staff is well-trained and -equipped. Our courses vary to accommodate all employees, from basic computer skills to leadership and mentoring.

SDL Claims

Your business assigned its very own Skills Development Facilitator, who will assist you in claiming back a percentage of your skills development levies, claiming grants, communicate with your SETA and much more.

Employment Equity

Your SDF will draft your Employment Equity Plans and -Reports and assist you in compliance with the Employment Equity Act in order to avoid fines. This helps your eligibility for BEE points in terms of the Employment Equity element.

Skills Development & Employment Equity Services

Claims and Refunds

Assistance in claiming mandatory grants from relevant SETAs and assistance in lodging claims and refund levies.

Submit Training Reports

An Annual Training Report compiled and submitted to the relevant SETA on your behalf.


We speak to the SETAs, so you don’t have to. We mediate all communication to your relevant SETA.

Your own SDF

An external Skills Development Facilitator for you, ensuring an in-depth knowledge of your company.

Workplace Skills Plans

A Workplace Skills Plan developed, implemented and submitted to the relevant SETA on your behalf for BEE compliance.

Ongoing Advice & Guidance

Advise regarding discretionary grants, PIVOTAL programs and ongoing telephonic and on-site support.

Need in-depth knowledge of your company?

Yes, I want my own SDF!

Employee Training Services

Unlimited Training

Your retainer fee includes unlimited access to all of our courses subject to certain terms.

Online Booking

An easy-to-use online schedule and booking system.

Repeated Courses

All courses are repeated regularly to fit in with your operations.

Convenient Classes

All courses are one-day, from 09:00 to approximately 15:00 *First Aid excluded


Your Skills Development Facilitator keeps record of all SEESA training.

Value for Money

Each course includes (free of charge) a comprehensive training manual, certificate of attendance, stationary and a light lunch.

SEESA Learnerships

Formal Qualification

Gain empowered, educated employees with an NQF 3 National Certificate

Minimum downtime

Optimised contact sessions to ensure a reduced impact on productivity.

BEE Points

Earn points on the Skills Development Element of the BEE scorecard.

Tax Rebates

Earn tax rebates of up to R60 000 per Learnership.


A unique cost solution, affordable for all business owners.


Contact SEESA Skills Training to register your Learnership or get more information to train your employees.

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