SEESA Labour’s legal advisors specialize in labour law, protecting your interests as business owner or employer

  1. You pay a monthly retainer fee, determined by the number of employees you have.
  2. This retainer fee ensures you have all of our labour lawyers on call, ready to assist you at your premises with any labour issues at no extra cost.
  3. Not only do you have 24/7 access to your labour lawyer, you also have access to free standard documentation for unlimited use.
  4. With SEESA ProFile, you can manage all your industrial relations with the full backup of our Labour lawyers to ensure your operations run problem-free  every day.

SEESA Labour services

Legal Representation

Representation at CCMA hearings and bargaining councils (MIBCO, MEIBC etc.) If you are in trouble, SEESA will fight on your behalf.


Assistance and advice with retrenchments. We will be with you every step of the way, informing you about the correct procedures and facilitating the process.

Downloadable Documentation

A maintained and updated database of Main Agreements and Wage Determinations for your use.

Drafting Documentation

Drafted employment contracts, employment letters and policy documents. This includes restraint of trade documents, confidentiality and HIV policies and more.

Disciplinary hearings

Disciplinary hearings conducted on your premises, chaired by our professional and fair legal advisors.

Labour Manual

A practical and user-friendly labour manual, to empower business owners and guide your decision-making.

The SEESA Labour Guarantee

If that’s not enough, we also guarantee our labour services. You get R10 000 – R50 000 Labour Court coverage (depending on the number of employees you have) per annum and R3 000 – R17 000 contribution towards eviction cost per annum for farmers and landowners

We are so confident in the protection we offer, that we guarantee our services. We protect your interests and cash flow in the event of awards, judgments and settlement agreements. The SEESA Labour Guarantee is automatically available to paid-up SEESA Labour clients – at no extra cost to you.

If SEESA Labour dismisses an employee on your behalf at a disciplinary hearing and the matter is referred to the CCMA – where an award is made against you – then we accept full responsibility in the event that SEESA Labour did not follow the correct procedure at the disciplinary hearing. This means peace of mind for you – no matter what.
Payouts with respect to this guarantee are subject to you following SEESA Labour’s advice and procedures, and apply to:

  1. Unfair dismissals
  2. Unfair retrenchment actions
  3. Unfair dismissals following a strike
  4. Unfair labour practices
  5. Unfair discrimination

*Terms and Conditions apply


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Additional services clients have come to rely on

Telephonic and on-site consultation services.

Just call and our labour law specialists will come to you or answer all your questions over the telephone. After-hours advice for urgent issues.


Assistance with warnings, dismissals, unfair labour practice disputes and any other issues requiring labour law knowledge.

Drafting Documents

Drafting condonation and rescission documents.

A database of Main Agreements

A maintained and updated database of Main Agreements and Wage Determinations for your use.

Bargaining council agreements

Apply for exemption from bargaining council agreements.


Advice and assistance with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Workmans Compensation Commissioner. No stress for you.

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