Compliance with BEE legislation is a reality for South African business owners. SEESA BEE helps you contribute to the growth of skills and social capital in South Africa.

How does this services work?

As a SEESA BEE client, your business is assigned its own legal advisor for an affordable monthly retainer fee. This ensures a comprehensive understanding of your business. The legal advisor, specializing in Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) legislation and developments, will assess your current situation and advise and assist you on how to gain maximum scores for compliance on the BEE scorecard.

Not only do we assist you with applying scorecard elements, but we also advise you on how to implement skills development and training – leading to enhanced productivity and profits for you (and scoring points on this element of the BEE scorecard, of course).

SEESA BEE services

Skills Training

Advice on how to utilise SEESA Skills Training to your business’ and employees’ advantage.

Current Status

In-depth and personal analysis to determine your current contributor status.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing assistance and advice on implementing and executing plans and strategies.

Planning and Strategy

Develop a plan and strategy to improve your current contributor status.

Training Committee

A Training Committee (as required by the Skills Development Act) appointed when you have more than 50 employees.


Annual BEE verification and certification by an accredited verification agency.

Personal Assistance

Telephonic and on-site consultation services with regards to your BEE contributor status.

Advice & Guidance

Advice regarding all your business’ discretionary grants and PIVOTAL programs.


SEESA BEE and SEESA Skills Training – the perfect solution

In order to be eligible for BEE points in terms of the BEE Employment Equity element, designated employers are required to submit Employment Equity Reports. Your external Skills Development Facilitator will draft your Employment Equity Plan and Employment Equity Report, while advising you on how to fully comply with the Employment Equity Act to avoid fines.

The competitive advantages of BEE for your business

The Tender

Any tendering process requires a valid B-BBEE certificate.

The Determining Criteria

B-BBEE certificates are used as part of the determining criteria for issuing licenses, concessions or other authorisations in respect of economic activity

To do business...

B-BBEE certificates are required in order to do business with any Organ of State and Public Entities.

BEE Compliance can help you.

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