Introducing the next step in empowering South African business owners…

SEESA ProFile allows business owners, from the small startup to countrywide enterprises, to take their compliance to the next level.

Providing a clean, straightforward and user-friendly interface, ProFile removes any uncertainty from labour procedures in your day-to-day activities and industrial relations. With ProFile, you are guided through each procedure – from leave applications to issuing misconduct warnings and conducting hearings.

Implementing SEESA ProFile in your business increases your chance of winning a CCMA case by 50% by ensuring you follow correct, fair disciplinary procedures.

ProFile is a robust and intelligent employee management solution
boasting with features such as:

Employee Leave

Simplifying and automating leave application procedures and capturing and approving employee leave applications

Guidance in procedures

On-screen guidance to follow correct procedures for applicable offences

Populated Documentation

Prepopulating documentation to lessen administrative burdens and eliminate errors

Labour Offences

Issuing warnings and notices for all labour-related offences to employees

Electronic Records

Capturing and storing grievances, warnings, hearings and notices electronically

Employee Records

Electronically save records pertaining to personal information, misconduct, leave, training, and more

Is SEESA ProFile for me?

SEESA ProFile is developed for each South African business owner
– whether you have 5 employees or 5000 employees.


Step-by-step guidance

Removing the uncertainty from legal procedures – the software guides user actions through prompts to ensure correct procedures are followed.

Lessening the administrative burden

More time to run your business – SEESA ProFile allows business owners to easily capture and store employee information, documentation and keep record of activities and offences.

All-in-One platform

SEESA ProFile provides one, easily accessible platform to manage all your employee and industrial relations.

Get started with ProFile for your business


Set up your business profile

Automatically import all employee data and setup of your business profile


Complete all required fields on the Employee Info Sheet template. IMPORTANT: All fields in red are compulsory.



Send your completed Employee Info Sheet to



You will receive an email with the SEESA ProFile software installation details once your account is created.