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As a client of any SEESA service, you have automatic access to SEESA On Call – unlimited and not restricted to business use.

SEESA On Call offers a 24/7 telephonic helpline for legal and accounting advice from qualified and experienced attorneys and chartered accountants anytime of the day or night. You also get access to standard online documentation for your use. This service is unlimited in respect of frequency and duration.

SEESA has partnered with various experts in their respective fields to provide you with up to date, expert information and advice, whether it is for personal or business use. We have partnered with Legal X, Accountants on Site and AMAX.

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Any legal or accounting issues answered, any time of the day or night – be it for business or personal use. You have an attorney and accountant at your disposal at 03:00AM and any time in between.

Downloadable Documentation

  1. Memorandum of Incorporation
  2. Shareholders’ Agreements
  3. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  4. Non-circumvention Agreements
  5. Performance Guarantees

Answers such as:

  1. What would the tax implications be if I buy shares in a family trust or private company?
  2. I have just been arrested in the middle of the night while driving home after a rugby game, what are my rights?

For Business

  1. Memorandums of Incorporation
  2. Shareholder Agreements
  3. Association agreements
  4. Performance Guarantees
  5. Family Trusts

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  1. Franchise Agreements
  2. Acknowledgement of Debt
  3. Website Terms and Conditions
  4. Email Disclaimers
  5. Association Agreements
  6. Service Level Agreements
  7. Lease Agreements
  8. Offer to Purchase
  9. Restraint of Trade

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  1. A client was in breach of contract, what is my legal position?
  2. I am a supplier to a large organisation and want to approach them with a business idea, how can I prevent them from stealing that idea?
  3. Due to the financial downturn I need to relook my financial obligations and renegotiate with my creditors. What is my risk if they refuse to negotiate and then, what are my options?
  4. I received a letter of demand, what now?
  5. A client owes me money, what are my options?
  6. How do I go about restructuring my business?
  7. I want to tender for a project but they require numerous documents I know nothing about, who can help?

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  1. Tax Regulations
  2. Business regulations
  3. Service Level Agreements
  4. Liquidation and Sequestratians
  5. Rehabilitation
  6. Lease Agreements: Private or Commercial
  7. Eviction Procedures
  8. Unlawful Arrest
  9. Offer to Purchase: Private or Commercial
  10. Restraint of Trade Enforcement Procedures
  11. Bail Applications
  12. Restructuring of Business
  13. Company Registrations
  14. Due Diligence Audits
  15. Sale of Business
  16. VAT
  17. Income Tax
  18. Capital Gains Tax Implications
  19. Estate Tax
  20. Tax on Dividends
  21. Tax on Donations

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