SEESA Labour

For business owners and employers to operate within South Africa’s labour legislation, they need an in-depth and ongoing knowledge of the full spectrum of new and existing labour laws.

This kind of knowledge requires a lawyer who specialises in labour law. SEESA Labour has a full-time team of specialist labour lawyers, plus a full-time legal research team dedicated to managing these and all other labour issues for its clients.

SEESA Labour has a 96% success rate for all CCMA arbitrations which was referred due to services rendered by us.

SEESA Labour provides on-site legal services, which include:

- Telephonic and/or on-site consultation services
- Drafting of contracts/letters of employment and policy documents (restraint of trade, confidentiality, AIDS policies etc.).
- Access to representation at CCMA-hearings and Bargaining Councils (MIBCO, MEIBC etc.).
- Conducting of disciplinary hearings on your premises.
- Assistance and advice with retrenchments.
- After hours advice.
- Practical, user-friendly labour manual.
- Conducting of negotiations with unions on behalf of employers.
- Strike management and urgent Labour Court interdicts.
- Drafting of condonation and rescission applications.
- Applying for exemption from Bargaining Council agreements.
- Maintain up to date database of Main Agreements and Wage Determinations for utilisation by clients.
- Access to telephonic, e-mail and fax helpline to address urgent and other labour issues.
- Regular newsletters to update employers on relevant labour issues.
- Assistance to employers with regard to disciplinary hearings, warnings, dismissals, retrenchments and unfair labour practice disputes.
- Provision of documents, advice and assistance to comply with the basic provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1996.
- Advice and assistance regarding Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) and Workmans Compensation Commissioner.
- R10 000 to R50 000 Labour Court coverage per annum (depending on number of employees).
- R3 000 to R17 000 contribution towards eviction cost per annum – for farmers / landowners (depending on number of employees).


The SEESA Labour Guarantee

The SEESA Guarantee was established to protect the interests and cashflow of business owners in the event of awards, judgements and settlement agreements. The SEESA Guarantee is automatically available to all paid-up SEESA Labour clients, as well as to all new SEESA Labour clients on receipt of their initial fee and first monthly retainer.

SEESA Labour accepts responsibility for judgements and awards against the business owner by means of a guarantee on services rendered. If SEESA Labour dismisses an employee on behalf of an employer at a disciplinary hearing and the matter is referred to the CCMA, where an award is made against the employer, then, in the unlikely event that SEESA Labour did not follow the correct procedure at the disciplinary hearing, SEESA Labour will accept full responsibility.

Payouts with respect to this guarantee are subject to the employer following SEESA Labour’s advice and procedures, and apply to:

- Unfair dismissals
- Unfair retrenchment actions
- Unfair dismissals following a strike
- Unfair labour practices
- Unfair discrimination

 Terms and Conditions Apply.