From micro-enterprises to generic businesses with an annual turnover exceeding R50 million, SEESA BEE assists 4 000 BEE clients to transform into thriving BEE-compliant concerns.

We have a team of legal advisors who are all specialists in Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) and who keep a step ahead of new developments and legislation in this field.

Each business is assigned its own legal advisor to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the business.  This also allows the advisor to guide the business in achieving its maximum scorecard at minimal cost.

SEESA BEE not only assists businesses to apply the scorecard elements, but also advises on how to implement skills development and training – which has proved to be one of the biggest success factors in BEE transformation, with enhanced productivity and profits. Clients pay a once-off joining fee and a highly affordable monthly retainer to secure ongoing B-BBEE legal support.

“Well-managed B-BBEE transformation helps businesses to increase their productivity and profit while contributing to the growth of skills and social capital in South Africa. We can confidently say that SEESA is helping to lead South African business towards a successful future.”  SEESA Managing Director, Banie Oostendurp.

SEESA BEE offers the following services:

• Telephonic and/or on-site consultation services to improve and/or maintain current contributor status.
• Determination of current contributor status.
• Development of a plan and strategy to improve your current contributor status.
• Ongoing assistance and advice on the implementation and execution of plans and strategies.
• Annual verification and certification by an accredited verification agency