Reasons why an online business needs customised terms and conditions

Reasons why an online business needs customised terms and conditions

Having terms and conditions as well as a return policy on a company’s website is an aspect that is often over looked by business owners.

When developing a website, the developer should be informed of all aspects to ensure that they include all the tabs necessary. The terms and conditions must regulate the entire range of using the website including; from the transaction procedure to the level of interaction of the online business.

If properly drafted, terms and conditions can provide the following advantages:

  1. Provide users of the acceptable conduct on the website including the consequences if these terms and conditions are breached.
  2. Detail the rules that govern the transaction between the user and the online business.
  3. Detail how consumer complaints and service issues are dealt with and what remedies are available to the online consumer.
  4. Establish when ownership passes.
  5. Fully explain what legal system will govern the online transactions.
  6. Establish who the owner is of intellectual property (such as copyright) on the website and what licenses the business have to sell third party products.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that every website and online business is unique. Each online business will draft and formulate their own terms and conditions according to the product or service they offer to the consumers.

This process can be tiring and difficult to conduct yourself. This is why SEESA Consumer Protection & POPI is always here to take the stress off you!


Esther Elverfeld has been employed by SEESA since 2005. She’s been specialising in consumer protection, POPI and ECTA legislation since 2011.



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