ProFile: Practical applications for business owners

ProFile: Practical applications for business owners

Whether you have 5 or 5000 employees, ProFile can be used everyday, in every business. Assisting you in all Human Resources and Industrial Relations activities, ProFile will soon be indispensable for any South African business owner.

Here are a few practical applications for ProFile:

#1: Uploading employee information
If you are using ProFile for the first time, the system must be populated with all your employees’ details. ProFile allows you to simply import this information from an Employee Info Sheet. Capturing all employee information including each employee’s title, names, surname, gender, branch, department, ethnicity, blood type, job title, ID/passport number, date of birth and employment history can be captured easily in fewer than 5 clicks.

#2: Employment contracts
Do you have stacks of files containing employee contracts and –records? ProFile allows you to easily upload all documentation and stores records electronically.

#3: Leave applications
Your employee submits a printed leave application to his/her manager. The manager gives verbal approval, or the employee never receive a signed copy of the leave application from their manager. With ProFile, this can never happen. Upon submitting a leave request through ProFile by simply selecting the relevant employee and dates, the system automatically generates an email to the relevant manager containing approve/decline buttons with the details of the application. Managers simply select the applicable response and ProFile keeps an electronic trace of all applications. No more printed copies of filing records.

You can also easily check your operational requirements – ProFile has a built-in Leave Calendar, displaying all your employees’ leave with filters for different departments or offices.

#4: Issuing a warning
An employee has been late several times and as employer, you need to issue him a written warning. Where do you begin? How must a warning look comply with legislation? What type of misconduct is this?

With ProFile, you will be guided through every step. You’ll simply select the employee in question, select the date of offence and then select the applicable rule the employee contravened from a drop-down list and table. After selecting for how long this warning must be valid and what type of warning you want it to be, ProFile will generate your warning prepopulated with all the necessary information.

#5: An employee has a grievance with his colleague
An employee comes to you with a serious grievance against a colleague and insists that this be addressed. How do you go about recording his grievance? Do you have readily available documentation for this process? Simply open up ProFile and select the “Grievances” tab.

ProFile provides you with all the fields that must be completed to capture a grievance such as the date of the grievance, an employee representative (if applicable), the employee’s job title, the name of the employee against whom the grievance is laid, etc. Once completed, you can simply save the generated document containing all the grievance’s details.

#6: Issuing PPE to employees
You issue monthly Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to your employees. Unless you keep careful record and recognition of receipt, these items often simply disappear. How do you go about in keeping track of PPE issued? ProFile provides a complete Safety section to manage safety gear. In ProFile, you can select the date of issue for PPE and select all equipment issued to a particular employee from a list. ProFile will then generate a populated “Equipment List” which employees can simply sign to acknowledge receipt of these items.


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