ProFile in Practice: Poor Work Performance

ProFile in Practice: Poor Work Performance

Poor work performance is a form of incapacity. As with misconduct dismissals, the employee usually failed to meet a certain performance standard or level required by the employer. However, the fact that the level of performance required by the employer is not being met, is not due to the employee being negligent or intentional in the performance of his duties – it is due to the employee’s incapability to perform the task, or perform at the level required by the employer.

Poor work performance can be difficult to deal with if the correct procedures aren’t followed. ProFile assists employers in dealing with incapacity to ensure procedural fairness.

How to deal with poor work performance using ProFile

Implementing ProFile in your business, poor work performance can be dealt with easily as the system:

  1. Guides you in the necessary steps that must be followed;
  2. Provides you with updated, relevant prepopulated documentation that must be completed and filed; and
  3. Stores a complete papertrail of all steps implemented in addressing poor work performance.

ProFile lessens the administrative burden in dealing with poor work performance procedures by providing documentation prepopulated with correct employee information and removes the uncertainty in dealing with labour issues by guiding the user through each step of incapacity procedures.

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