Is SEESA ProFile for me?

Is SEESA ProFile for me?

Implementing ProFile into your business is quick and easy. This software affords any South African business owner complete peace of mind, knowing that their disciplinary procedures are fair and in accordance with the latest legislation.

ProFile removes uncertainty from legal procedures – the software guides user actions through prompts to ensure correct procedures are followed in every scenario.

Less administration, more time to run your business

ProFile lets business owners easily capture and store employee information, related documentation and keep record of activities and offences. This all-in-one easily accessible platform allows you to manage all your employee matters. Keeping a complete data trace and record, each next action intelligently builds on the last to ensure your actions are always correct and procedurally fair. The system also provides prompts, warning you against actions that are not in accordance with the Code of Good Practice and the Labour Relations Act.

ProFile can easily be downloaded to your computer. Once you have customized your business information on your user profile, you can immediately start implementing the system in your business. Employers are guided in all common practices relating to employee matters such as leave applications, misconduct procedures such as warnings, hearings and notices and much more.

To get started with ProFile today, visit the ProFile page for more information.



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