Do you have ProFile Premium yet?

Do you have ProFile Premium yet?

SEESA has developed an internal software system specifically for our SEESA Labour clients that work in conjunction with the ProFile system they receive.

Through this system, legal advisors get access to a client’s ProFile and advise the client on live information about their employees and their employment history. Legal advisors also have the option through ProFile to populate various documentation such as warnings, notices and disciplinary reports on behalf of the client which the client can then just print and serve on the particular employee.

SEESA Labour clients automatically receive all ProFile Premium functions such as:

  • Better informed, personalized Labour Law advice as result of real-time access to individual employee disciplinary history and –records.
  • Automatic updating of disciplinary records.
  • Immediate access to documents generated during appointments.
  • Advance communication and document sharing.
  • Disciplinary Reporting.
  • Automatic sychronisation between clients’ internal disciplinary actions and SEESA’s external actions on behalf of clients.

Making use of ProFile, it really does make business sense being a SEESA Labour client.


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